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YesVideo Service Converts Old Tapes for Technophobes; Where to End the 'Scene'

By Robert Norris

If you're looking for an easy way to turn those old home videos into fancy discs, check out Hewlett-Packard's DVD Movie Writer ( ; $299). The DVD burner's variety of analog video and audio inputs allow you to directly connect a camcorder or a VCR to the device, which then plugs into your computer's USB port. A straightforward "transfer wizard" walks you right through the process-from converting your footage to digital, to creating an on-screen menu, to designing a jewel-case cover.

If you only have a few videotapes, a service called YesDVD ( can make the transfer easier. Just drop a videotape into one of their prepaid mailer kits ($24.99). Your DVD copy will arrive three weeks later, along with the original tape.

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