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By Alan Cohen

Videotape is a fragile medium-bad news if you were expecting to pass down all those tapes of the kids' feedings (good news if you're expecting to inherit them). DVD is a more durable format. So to keep your memories alive, you'll want to convert your tapes to discs.

YesVideo's YesDVD service can take any 2 hours of video footage (in VHS, MiniDV, Hi-8, or half a dozen other formats), break it into chapters and put it on a disc.

What we received was worth the wait. Unlike PhotoWorks' lackluster DVD case, a YesDVD case looks like something we would actually want to give as a gift. The front and back are covered with thumbnail images from your footage. Play the DVD and you'll see a stand ard chapter display using the same thumbnails as the case. You can play the disc from start to finish or jump around from chapter to chapter.

YesVideo does a reasonable job with chapter breaks: Footage that starts outdoors will get a chapter break when the action moves indoors. But breaks can seem rather arbitrary when your footage consists of long scenes in the same location. The music videos included on each disc are a quirky feature: A minute or so of video highlights accompanied by three different soundtracks. Watching Dad's marathon footage to the sound of "Ave Maria" was a disconcerting experience. Suffice it to say that you won't be seeing it on MTV any time soon.

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