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Best Ways to Convert Old Tapes to DVDs

A collection of home movies usually starts out with baby's first steps and over the years can wind up on a variety of video formats. But did you know that over time those images will simply fade away?

“The video and audio information actually falls off the tape itself. So color degrades and becomes fuzzy. In five years you'll notice a difference and in 15 years the VHS tape is really not viewable,” says Jeremiah Driansky, Engineer, Good Housekeeping Institute.

So the Good Housekeeping Institute recommends transferring your old tapes to DVD. The easiest way to do that: simply drop them off.

“We tried out 4 services and YesVideo was one of the ones that we really liked," says Driansky. "The clerk guides you through what you need to do to turn your VHS tapes into a DVD.

”A DVD that includes little pictures for easy scene selection. Another option is to send your tapes to one of the many internet-based services. And the Good Housekeeping favorite?

“," says Driansky. "We liked this because it was fast. It only took eleven days to get our tapes and the DVD back after we had sent them.”

Now, if you've got more than ten tapes that need to be transferred, the best cost effective way is to do it yourself. A dual-featured deck from LiteOn has a slot for VHS on one side and a tray for DVDs on the other. One touch and you can copy to or from either format.

To learn more, check out the August issue of Good Housekeeping or visit

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