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YesVideo Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Offering Convenient and Affordable Digital Transfer Services from Videos and Photos

With More Than Four Million Orders Processed, Company Reaffirms Its Mission to Enable Consumers to Preserve, Enjoy and Share Home Movie and Photo Collections.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) – November 10, 2009 – YesVideo, the leader in consumer media conversion services, today proudly announced its 10th anniversary of providing convenient and affordable film and photo digital conversion services. To date, the company has delivered five million orders, all of them treasured personal video and still photo memories converted from legacy media such as film, VHS tapes, slides and photographs, as well as digital media, to DVD. YesVideo looks forward to continued success, working on the forefront of the latest media technology.

A decade ago, YesVideo founder Sai-Wai Fu, a 20-year technology industry veteran, recognized that he and his family needed a better solution to preserve, organize and access their large personal collection of home videotapes. A former semiconductor executive in the video compression market, Fu believed consumers would be motivated to convert legacy personal content to DVD because analog media degrades and is difficult to share and playback devices were becoming obsolete. At the time, however, recordable DVD technology was expensive for the average consumer and streaming video was not yet stable for home use.

Seeing a market opportunity, Fu established YesVideo in October 1999 and began forming retail partnerships to offer the YesDVD® service for creating full-featured Hollywood-style DVDs from personal archives. Since then, the company has expand ed its network of retail partners to more than 30,000 nationwide, making the YesDVD drop-off service widely convenient. Today, customers can enjoy YesDVD services at Bartell Drugs, Costco, CVS/pharmacy, Ritz/Wolf Camera, Rite Aid, Walgreens and many others.

“The original YesVideo mission of becoming the solution people choose to digitize, archive and share their precious home movies has both survived the test of time and also proved out a significant penned up demand for digital format services. Consumers are critically concerned with protecting their memories. In the event of fire, natural disaster, format deterioration or theft, personal photos and videos are irreplaceable. YesVideo ensures that these visual memories are always fresh, usable and protected,” said Greg Ayres, Chief Operating Officer of YesVideo.

As personal media technology has improved during the past five years, the company also introduced YesDVD Smileshow, an affordable DVD authoring service that enables consumers to transfer photos and video clips from their digital cameras as a movie slideshow for TV or PC viewing. Most recently, it launched MemorySafe, YesDVD's online digital archive service.

“While marking this significant corporate anniversary milestone, YesVideo reminds its customers that we remain dedicated to our mission. Today YesVideo still believes that favorite video and photo memories should be easy and fun to watch and share. We continue to develop innovative products and services at the vanguard of technology to empower consumers to enjoy their libraries of personal content,” said Ayres.

YesVideo's approximately 300 dedicated employees celebrated the 10th anniversary with local celebrations held at its Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters and newly opened Norcross, Ga., facility. The company also has international, licensees in Canada, Japan, Netherland s, Australia, India, Portugal, Germany and Korea.

About YesVideo
YesVideo, Inc. (, the world leader in on-demand , digital video publishing, is dedicated to providing consumers easy and affordable solutions that index, organize, preserve and share their precious home movies and photos. As the leader in automated digital media authoring, YesVideo develops and utilizes video engineering and state-of-the-art software technology to enable top-quality, on-demand digital publishing. Founded in 1999 by Sai-Wai Fu, a pioneer in digital video compression technology, YesVideo is a privately held company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. In addition to professional and corporate clients, YesVideo provides digital transfer services to consumers at 30,000 retail locations including Bartell Drugs, Costco, CVS/pharmacy, Ritz/Wolf Camera, Rite Aid, Walgreens and many others.

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