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Customer Testimonials - Here is what our customers say about YesVideo:

"I recently took on old movie film to my local Costco to have it transferred to DVD using YesVideo's transfer service. I was amazed with the results, not only was the quality perfect and the addition of chapters convenient for viewing. The choice of selecting customized music and title made it even more personal. I have never had the chance to watch this film projected so being able to see it digitally was perfect for me! This memorable film was a movie of my mom, who passed away when I was very young. I absolutely loved watching the DVD; I was able to share this emotional and joyous memory with my 3 siblings. We are all so very happy that could see our mom again. YesVideo provides such a wonderful service by bringing back old memories to life again."
K. Bennett
Medford, OR
"I recently decided to transfer my 8mm wedding videotape to DVD. I was concerned that my tape would degrade so transferring it to a better quality DVD was a great way to preserve it. I was excited that I could customize my DVD to how I wanted and the chapter feature was great to skip around to my wife and my favorite parts. Having the ability to watch and share it online through MemorySafe was wonderful as well. YesVideo did a great work! I will be recommending their services to all my friends and family!"
Salem, OR
"Worried that our VHS home movies dating back to the 80's would age or break down, we decided to transfer them to DVD. Through our Costco store, we are able to do this. Hand ing over the only record of our family history was frightening, however, once we received an email telling us that our tape was safe and was being processed made it easier to relax. We were then notified again by email that we could view the finished product along with three highlighted videos set to fun music and that our DVD was on its way to our Costco store. We have watched the three highlights thru the MemorySafe website over and over again - they are so much fun to watch! YesVideo did a fantastic job processing our priceless home movies onto DVD and we will continue to submit the rest of our home movies for transfer as well. Our home movies will be more accessible to our family and friends to enjoy. Thank you so much for your service. Sincerely, "
M. Williams,
Kennewick, WA
"I recently learned about YesVideo's services thru the website and went to my local Costco to transfer my family movie film reels. After I received my YesDVD video I was able to watch it over and over on my TV and I could watch the same video on my computer thru MemorySafe! I was completely amazed by the quality of my transferred movie. I am so pleased with everything about your company. I had no idea what was on the 8mm reels, when I sent them to you. Some are over 60 years old. I am just amazed at what I see on the DVD. I cannot express how happy & amazed I am at what you were able to do with the old reels I sent in. This DVD means so very much to me & I have shared it with all of my FAMILY! Thank you "
P. Lefevre
Lake Isabella, CA
"I recently transferred an old family videotape through YesVideo's Services at Costco. I was able to relive these memories when I watched them at home on my TV. I also purchased extra copies to give as gifts! I was amazed by the quality and the thumbnail of each scene on the DVD. This service was excellent I wouldn't change a thing! We have many more analog tapes to digitize and will continuously bring our tapes in for the same service."
E. Turner
"I am so thrilled with my experience with YesVideo! I am a music director and for the past five years, I have been trying to “get around to” copying precious video footage of school and church related events. I am not good with computer software and have asked other parents, friends, teenagers…anyone who could possibly help transfer the tapes to DVD format. These tapes have been scattered at different homes awaiting transfer. Though these friends were well meaning, it seemed that everyone was trying to find time to “get around to” transferring the footage. Then, sadly, I found out that a very precious tape had been lost while awaiting transfer. I was/am heart-broken. I immediately decided that with the latest tape, I would spend a little money and get the copies made and made without fear of loss or damage.

I am SO delighted and impressed with the archive quality of your work. And the additional music videos, the digital scrapbooking capabilities and the chapter format are more than I could have dreamed of! And the price is so AFFORDABLE!

Having learned a valuable lesson, I immediately gathered all my tapes and began taking orders for duplicates. I am telling all my friends! I plan to visit Costco this week to place an order and transfer my precious memories. I will never again have to fear the loss of a video.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "
Stephanie Goodman
Kansas City, MO
"I called you today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent DVD you created for me. The film was from 1964 and I didn't know how it would turn out. It's scratched from age, but the picture is still there and so are the treasured memories thanks to you. I asked you to select inspirational music and it's as if someone really cared to make this DVD special and memorable. I wish I could wrap my arms around you to thank the person responsible for such a fine job. The DVD will be sent on to my other four siblings as soon as I receive the other two DVD copies I reordered on Saturday. Again, thank you so very much!!!!"
Kathleen Taylor
Lake Forest, CA
"I read about the YesVideo service in the San Francisco Chronicle which listed several companies, all of which I checked out. I chose Walgreen's for YesVideo because of the convenience.

I have several reels of 8mm and Super 8, all taken by my late husband , starting with our daughter's birth almost 50 years ago. We used to talk about putting them on VHS tape but never did. My project this year was to make it possible to see these priceless films without trying to set up the inconvenient projector, screen, etc

After realizing that YesVideo would put music on the DVD, I redid the first DVD and have added music to the others done so far. What a difference that makes! It truly enhances the viewing. Way better than looking at the old plain film. I cannot believe the quality of the work."
Valerie Lambertson
South San Francisco, CA
"I wanted to preserve my VHS and mini-DV footage onto a DVD, a format that I could finally access. I liked the idea of archiving my important footage online and having the option of sharing it with some of my friends and business colleagues. For $10 per year, no one can pass up the convenience and peace of mind of having valuable footage protected and viewable online."
Jill Michaels
Seabrook, TX
"I have an 8mm analog tape that I could only view after borrowing a camera. With the YesDVD transfer it could be viewed by everyone and YesVideo did a wonderful job in making it a very lovely DVD with all the great extras. The 3 clips with the music selections were put together so well that I wept with joy watching each one - each of the three was different (the same frames were not used for all three). It was as if YesVideo took great pride in making these clips; it was as if you watched the tape and they were your very own special memories.

To all the dedicated men and women at YesVideo, I want to thank you again for the lovely DVD that we will enjoy over and over again for many years to come. I hope to be using YesVideo again soon!"
Diane Gillespie
Denver, NC
"Thank goodness for YesVideo! All those memories of my great-grand parents and their descendants have been preserved on DVD for me and my descendants to come. These films were taken in the late 50's and early 60's and the DVD results are just as sharp and colorful as if the video was shot today. I am also thrilled with the music that was incorporated into my videos. YesVideo was very efficient in the time it took to transfer all of the movies I sent. I am very happy with YesVideo's service and their very reasonable price. I will recommend YesVideo to any of my friends or even strangers I happen to talk to about their services. Thanks again for a wonderful product."
Carol Hathaway
Houston, TX
"This DVD contains family images from over 50 years ago. It's simply amazing how you transferred them to a DVD. I hadn't seen these movies in 52 years, these are family treasures. I will be ordering more copies."
Mary Temple
Torrance, CA
"I was so excited to see my parents and myself on Christmas morning 1937. I was one and one-half years old. A little rocking chair was given to me that Christmas, passed on to my daughter and it is in my living room now. I plan to have the rest of the 8mm films put on DVD's. It gives me such a warm feeling to see these old movies."
Susan Munroe
Tampa, FL
"I cannot even express how impressed I am with the quality of the finished product. We had OLD videos copied from film for my grand parents who are so excited to see them. Their comment was, 'There is not much that we can want for at this age. We have wanted to transfer these videos for years but never knew how. We are excited and so appreciate this being done.' This is an amazing gift that we can give them. Thank you!"
Kim Morgan
Indio, CA
"I was unable to view my 8mm reels because I no longer had a projector. I thought about looking for one on e-bay, but I wanted to share these movies of family moments with others in my family. Transferring to DVD was the answer. I purchased 4 extra copies of my movie to share with family. Some of the movies on this DVD are 50 years old. They are going to LOVE IT! Without a doubt, I would recommend YesDVD to anyone who needs your type of service. It's very convenient to place and pick up the orders at Walgreens. I've already watched the DVD several times. It makes me smile every time."
Karen Dickey
Tucson, AZ
"We were delighted with the quality of the DVD images from film over 55 years old and the absence of visible splices. We were also pleased with the ease of individual scene selection and enjoyed the bonus music videos."
R. Voss
West Des Moines, Iowa
"I can't begin to tell you how great the quality of this reproduction is. I was amazed especially since the film dated back as early as 1933!!! The music added greatly to the viewing experience and I'm sure my older family members are really going to enjoy this. There's 5 thousand more feet of 16mm film coming your way!!!"
Thomas Sappanos
Chicago, IL
"I transferred my slides to DVD because I no longer have a projector. I can now see them bigger and brighter and adding the music was great. I have shared my DVD with both friends and family and they love it."
Vivian Kyek
Stanford, CT
""I wanted to preserve memories of my parents, brothers and sisters, grand parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, especially since many have passed away. I love having the old movies on DVD, I don't have to change and rewind the reels and now I can watch them so easily! The quality is outstand ing!"
Marianne Boutsioulis
Clarksville, TN
"I had about 4000 ft of 8mm movie film transferred to 4 DVDs. Viewing DVDs are much easier to edit and view without having to watch the entire DVD. The case that the DVD is in has clippings showing different parts of the films -- this is a big help in going to different time sections."
C. Miller
Cheshire, CT
"I was looking for this type of service and thought I was going to have to buy all kinds of additional computer equipment to try and do it myself. However, Walgreen's explained to me that ya'll could do it. I transferred a couple of 8mm Sony Camcorder videotapes onto DVD because I didn't want to buy another camcorder like the one I had - it was 10 years old. It's so much more fun watching them now. I have shared all this with family and friends and told them how special YesVideo is. Ya'll have given me my history back. Thank you sooo much."
Y. Parker
DeBerry, TX
"When I found several 8 mm reels along with the original projector, I had little hope of ever "viewing" these precious home movies. I didn't know the technology existed or that it would be affordable to transfer these to DVD's.

It was such an emotional experience watching these home movies going back as far as 1960. My parents, grand parents, aunts & uncles that are no longer with me are now brought back fresh in my memory because of your company. And I would like to add that the projector we found along with the reels had no instruction book with it so...If not for YESVIDEO it would all be collecting dust for another 48 years! "
M. Jessup
Chester, VA
"As soon as I received my YesDVDs, I let the rest of my family members know. Then I started passing the DVDs around so that they can see themselves at parties or graduations or just hanging out at our house years ago. They got a kick out of seeing how we all looked back then.especially seeing the children, who are now grown up. Also, seeing the great grand parents (who are no longer with us) in good health is such a joy!"
E. Garcia
Pharr, TX
"I actually attempted to transfer my reels to DVD myself and that was a mistake. Trying to marry the technology from then to now was the hang up. I never, ever thought I would be able to get this done. I was not satisfied with what the locals had to offer. My wife heard about YesVideo's service at Costco, so I sent in our 8mm movie film reels from the late 50's into the 60's.

On DVD my footage is clearer, sharper and brighter with most of the flicker eliminated. No threading, rewinding, film breaking. With the music added to silent film (with YesVideo doing all the work), wow, you move ahead to the 21st century. Combine that with the ability to look at any part of the entire film without having to go through the entire footage. If I want to e-mail a section or some photos from the footage from my computer, I can even do that. I only wanted to have it transferred to DVD -- all of these great extras just came with the program.

I am so impressed with my DVDs. I have and , without a doubt, will continue to recommend this service to friends, neighbors and relatives. It is the best, most economical and most complete service I have found."
G. Knarr
Byron Center, MI
"Just wanted to let you know that we just received our finished copies of the DVDs that we ordered through your company and they came out great!  I am so glad we used your company to preserve my husband 's family memories. I have suggested to quite a few people who have been thinking of preserving their films to use your company."
P. Barnard
Duluth, MN
"I recently decided to transfer 3 VHS home movies tapes thru YesVideo transfer services at Costco. I transferred my Kindergarten yearbook video, my wedding video and video of my children. My family had been unable to view these movies for years and since we no longer owned a VCR. The YesDVD we received back  has organized the "scenes" into chapters, which is great, because now I can skip to different parts without having to fast forward. The quality of the YesDVD's is excellent - I really like how clear the picture is. The YesDVD also shows "highlights" of the movie, which is set to different music and that is such a fun feature! I also love the customizable menus - I got to choose the way the main menu looked. Plus the  added option of watching the highlights or the full movie on my MemorySafe account was great! The picture was very clear on my computer. I was able to email and share the video with few family members and friends! I already have recommended YesVideo's transfer service to my friends! People have asked me where I went to transfer my videos and I let them know I did it through YesVideo's services at Costco. I have compared prices with friends who have gone other places and mine were significantly cheaper than others! "
V. Despres
San Antonio, TX
"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to spend an afternoon with family to watch the DVDs of my grand children when they were infants. They had never seen these, so it was a fun day and the music videos were great. We loved it all. I have several more to transfer and I recommend this to everyone who has films or tapes. Don't wait -- get them transferred and remember the good times and memories. In our troubled world we all need to reflect back on precious memories. It's good for your soul."
I. Anderson
Crystal Lake, IL
"I cannot put into words how pleased I was with the first film to DVD transfer I received from you a month ago. I was experiencing a 'hot spot' in the center from a projector. The DVD was spectacular. It was from a 1953 silent color film of my parents' wedding day. Yes, they've been married 55 years and the DVD brought them to tears. Thank you!"
P. Costanzo
"YesVideo transferred my 8mm film footage from 1970-1980 that was not very well filmed in the first place. But the transfer to DVD exceeded my expectations in regards to the quality of the transferred images. I was afraid I had waited too long to have the transfer made, but was ever so pleasantly surprised.

Our old film projector was on its last legs and the image was hard to see. Now that you have divided our film up into segments that are easily searched, it is a joy to be able to pick out certain segments and just view those. The accompanying photos on the case are wonderful.

Now I can view the DVDs with my 87 year old mother on her DVD player and not have to mess with 5 rolls of film and a projector that does not want to work right.

I am just sorry that I waited so long to have it done and the extra copy I got will make a nice present for my sister and her family who appear in much of the footage. She can't wait to get her copy."
C. Porter
Hot Springs Village, AR
"I just transferred some family home movies from VHS to DVDs using YesVideo's service at Walgreen's. I was afraid that the VHS tapes could get damaged and had been advised to turn them into DVDs. Viewing the footage is similar to watching on a television with the VHS tapes, but what makes this so nice is that I can play the DVD on my computer or on my DVD player! I love the cover of the DVD with little pictures from the video and it's very easy to go from chapter to chapter on the DVD menu. I also LOVE the one minute music video clips! It was so much fun to see my family movies put to music. That just wasn't done in the 1950s!

I ordered a second copy of each DVD to give to my parents. We'll all be together this coming weekend and I know they'll be very excited to see the old movies!

I plan to go through the rest of my VHS tapes and have ALL of them transferred using your service. What a great way to preserve our old home movies! "
J. Sarratore
Ft. Wayne, IN
"I had wanted to have a couple of 8mm old movies transferred to DVD for quite some time but never followed through. I misplaced the movies, so when I found them a few years later, I figured I'd better get them done. I saw an ad in the Walgreens circular in the Sunday newspaper and I decided to take a chance with one of the movies. I was very pleased with the quality of the DVD. It is much quieter than trying to use a projector and it is easier to watch on my DVD player or computer than to have to set up a screen and lug the 8mm projector around. I really enjoy the way the packaging looks with all of the scenes clearly shown. It is so easy to find a specific part of the film and the packaging is unique and individualized. I took the second film into Walgreens this evening to have sent to you. This one will be shared with my son as the film was taken of him when he was very small. I want to preserve the memories on these old films for my son and eventually his children. DVD is the way to do that and I am really glad that I found your service. I have shared with my coworkers and my family how pleased I am with the way the DVD turned out and I will continue to recommend your service."
K. Howell
Dearborn Heights, MI
"Saving the footage of my parents' 1953 wedding & honeymoon was very important to me and now YesVideo has done this. Saving family Christmases and family birthdays with my brothers and both sets of grand parents has also been great."
C. Mc Laws
Phoenix, AZ
"I had 30 rolls of 8 mm film from when I was little . My mother passed away a few years ago and these were the only photos I really had of her. With the DVDs, many of my family members can see photos they have never been able to. We used to watch the film, but had to drag out the movie projector and the screen which was a real hassle, but with the DVDs I can pop them in my television or computer. It can't be any easier.

I would recommend YesDVD To EVERYONE!! YesVideo took the time to work on my photos that meant everything to me like these photos were their own. The images were crisp and the presentation is amazing. I especially loved the music video clips at the end. That was an unexpected treat that I didn't know what included but was a really cool extra. "
B. Laughlin
Centerview, MO
"After sorting through 252 boxes and carousels of 33,200 slides, I have transferred 13,800 slides to YesVideo DVDs and am awaiting the 18th YesDVD to complete our collection. What a huge project and what wonderful results. Now my wife and I can conveniently enjoy our 52 years of marriage, trips, children and grand children because of your DVDs. You can only imagine what they would do, overwhelmed with 252 boxes of slides! Thank you YesVideo - you have "made our day"!
Bob and Betty Lindgren
Long Beach, CA
"Recently I came across home movies from 1963 and told a friend. He was thrilled about the idea of seeing my magician father perform his sleight-of-hand after 44 years. I spotted a display in the local Walgreen's Pharmacy about converting movie film to DVD for a reasonable price. In just two weeks I had a TREASURE playing on my TV and a spare copy made by YesVideo to send to my friend.

This video is a masterpiece, accompanied by classical music with thumbprint photos of various scenes in the film printed on both front and back of jacket! The video also included choice of THREE types of music as background, as well as a Digital Scrapbook to email photos directly from the DVD. I cannot praise YesVideo enough. They hand led my film as an heirloom and turned it into a professional quality DVD."
R. Schamberg, Kissimmee
"I was originally planning to buy a DVD recorder when I saw an advertisement at Walgreens for video to DVD transfers. It looked awesome and I was really excited, so I brought in a wedding tape. I was blown away by the quality of the YesDVD! I was so excited that I showed my fiancé right away and we've already recommended YesVideo to some friends. The best part is to watch videos of the family members who are no longer with us - I was so happy to watch them on DVD!"
S. Barnes
Niles, Ohio
"I decided to transfer an 8mm videotape to YesDVD. I know that tapes go bad after a while and because this was a video of my wife, I wanted it to last forever. YesDVD has not only helped me save these memories, but has taken my video footage to a higher level. It is easy to navigate to particular scenes and I TOTALLY LOVE the 3 music videos that came with my YesDVD! I will definitely recommend this service to others."
Anonymous Customer
North Little Rock, AR
"I transferred some of my old movie film reels to DVD using the new digital enhancements offered by YesVideo. It was amazing what you did to restore my 40 year old movies. They appear to be better than the original movie itself. The picture quality is very sharp and crisp. You eliminated a lot of the jumpiness and restored the color. I am noticing details on the movie that I have never noticed before. Thank you!"
Canton, CT
"What a wonderful thing to see my dad 40 years ago. My dad is now very ill with Parkinson's Disease. To see him in his prime was so heartwarming and sentimental. I recommend this 8mm to DVD process to all. Now my dad is in my memories at the touch of a button."
I. Medina
Monroe Township, NJ
"My sister and I are very happy with the DVDs that YesVideo made from our 8mm film. Our father passed away when we were very young and it was amazing to be able to see him again on these DVDs. We were finally able to show our children their grand father. We love the fact that we can stop and freeze the pictures to view them.

Our lightbulb broke on our film projector and we have been unable to locate a new one due to its age. Therefore, we have not viewed these movies in many, many years. We had these DVDs made as a surprise Christmas present for our mother and siblings. We can't wait to view them with the entire family. We are anxiously awaiting Christmas!

Thanks to YesVideo, we now have a lifetime of memories available to us with just the ease of putting in a DVD for viewing!

Thanks for the memories!!
J. Liebelt
Aurora, IL
"My father's collection of movie reels from the 60's, 70's and 80's has been sitting in a box for years. I had been looking for a way to preserve them before they could be lost or destroyed. I saw the YesDVD transfer ad at a drug store and decided to try it out. YesVideo did such a wonderful job transferring my movie film to DVD! The movie reels were over 40 years old and the DVD quality was beautiful. Since then I have had 4 YesDVDs created and am waiting for a few more to finish processing. I love your service and will continue to tell others about it. "
M. Oskay
Euclid, OH
"I'm a golden glove prize fighter and I had all my fights transferred onto DVD. I really like the quality of the work, especially the music videos at the end of the DVD. I loved the way the music mixed in. I wasn't expecting that, but I enjoyed it. I really like the work. Thank you so much."
Julio Acosta
East Hartford, CT
"I first used your service to transfer old 35mm slides to DVD. I wanted to show my nieces and nephews some pictures of their grand mother. I was pleased that the YesDVD arrived perfectly and the picture quality was sharp and beautiful. I loved the music video highlights! As an active member of my church community, I am now using the YesDVD transfer service to preserve memories from church events. I will definitely continue to use YesDVD and refer the service to my church companions."
P. Lynn
Raleigh, NC

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